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Psychotherapy & Counselling

Psychotherapy for Young People

What is Counselling for Young People?

Creative/Play Therapy

Sometimes young people need to express their issues differently to adults. They don’t always want to or are able to find the words to communicate their issue. They can show me how they feel by communicating in another way. Children and Young people often use play/creative therapy to do this.

Therapeutic Space

I provide a therapeutic space when I work with children in which there is an opportunity for anyone of any age to play, draw, use creative materials and express themselves in a safe and controlled way. With or without words.

Sandtray Therapy – Non-Talking Therapy

I often use sandtray therapy as a non-talking way to help and explore an issue.

Psychotherapy for Adults

Well Being

Our well being is the most valuable gift we can give ourselves.

Communicating Feelings and Thoughts

To be able to communicate our thoughts, wishes, hopes and dreams with another person is the most precious gift we can share. When we are troubled by the pressures of daily life, decisions, changes or by our past it can help to share this with someone who cares and will spend the time with you, listening in a non-judgmental​ way. I can help you to explore your difficulties and find those inner resources and powers you have.

Initial Psychotherapy Session

The first session is 30-45 minutes, so we can decide if we would like to work together.

Further Therapy Sessions

It is quite usual to have 6 sessions and then you and I make a decision about the future of this, together.

Sessions are 50 minutes and happen weekly.

Contact Me:

Please contact me for any questions regarding this process or to book an initial meeting.

I look forward to hearing from you, in the meantime take care.

Need to ask a question?

Conact me

Please feel free to contact me to ask about my therapy services.

Please do not send any details about any personal issues via this form; These can be discussed when I contact you via the contact details you supply in the form.

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