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Specifically designed and written for therapists and those working the ​therapy and child care industries.

Cybertrauma training: An introductory course enabling conversation and action.

What is it, why do I need to know and how to help.

What does the day cover?

Cybertrauma: What is this and why does this differ from corporeal (real life) trauma? What is the impact and what can I do?
A simple bio/psycho/social model of attachment and polyvagal approaches to device/game use I children and young people.
Infant and child development in a world of screens and devices
Social media and gaming. What to look out for, what are the dangers and myths?
Screen time and mental health; is there a real link?
Addiction to social media; is it really pathological?
Can gaming be an addiction, is it really a disorder, what’s the evidence?
Cyberbullying. Definitions/typology, impact and treatment
Online abuse, harms and dangers. How to assess risk and safeguard
Managing use of devices, gaming and screen time
Digital parenting; why this is a new paradigm
Body image and the influence of Instagram/Snapchat on the developing young person


Cybertrauma is any trauma that a person suffers through or via digital devices or online spaces. For young people the prevalence of online abuse and harm is increasing alongside the complexities of the issues they face. Often the parents/carers of and professionals working with these young people are unaware of these issues or feel their children know more about technology than they do and this course can help you gain the knowledge needed to close that gap

Here is a link to a blog originally written for therapists and is one to consider before attending training to open your mind to the ideas of the day

£150.00 per person
26th April 2020
11th October 2020

Data Protection Laws, Cybersecurity and Privacy and what they really mean for Therapy practices.

The course includes: What are the new regulations coming into effect? What do I need to change/adapt since GDPR? Why do I need to understand Cybersecurity and why does it matter if I don’t take electronic notes?
£100 per person
29th March 2020
19th July 2020 

Using Technology IN Therapy practice

The course includes: Practical issues, Technology and Equipment, Ethics, Law, AR, VR and Gaming/Digital Media. The day will take participants through the technology and allow you to experience first hand the games and how these can be applied to practice.

£199.99 per person
5th April 2020
20th September 2020 

Sex and Pornography Talk in Psychotherapy: An Introductory Course

Other Training

Cyber Trauma Courses for Parents and Professionals

What is a cybertrauma course and who is it for?

Cybertrauma is a theoretical integration of child psychotherapy, psychobiology and neuroscience that takes account of the myriad of interactions with cyberspace and the traumas that can result with and from this medium. Specialist areas to be covered are graphic images, cyber-bullying in all formats and sexual issues and/or abuse e.g. CSA/CSE. The research is currently highlighting deficits of knowledge with professionals who work with children and adolescents due to the speed of ever advancing technology. This is a new and emerging field of study and one that takes account of all aspects of screen and electronic sources of connection and abuse. This is synthesized to provide a theory of trauma, abuse, recovery and resilience. This is a must for anyone who cares for, works with a child or anyone with any internet ready device

Simply put this is a course about the issues, perils and pitfalls children and young people face in the online world, whether that be consoles, computers or smartphones.

What you can expect to learn on this course:

  • What “cybertrauma” is? (definitions and explanations).
  • Real life issues and trauma versus Cybertrauma (What happens when a person is “traumatised”).
  • What “attachment theory” is, why do you need to know this and why this is important to know when using devices.
  • Why attachment theory is different to being attached (like glue) to a device and why addiction is not necessarily the correct diagnosis for your child’s device use
  • Introduction to the Polyvagal communication system (How and why we communicate in cyberspace in the way we do).
  • Terminology & behaviours in the online world.
  • Ethics and the law.
  • How to’s and advice about dealing with the events and incidents.

For Practitioners: Psychopathology of internet behaviours, Case studies, Ethical dilemmas and how this affects your practice:

For example: What do you do if a child has Tinder on their smartphone?/What if a client asks to record you in session?/What about Photos of work with a client?- Ethical guidelines, best practice and advice.

E-safety leaflets will be provided and a handy guide to take home with you.

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