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Cybertrauma Definition
Cyber Synapse

Cyber Synapse Intro
Cyber Synapse

Technological Biohacking and Gaming for Good Health
Cyber Synapse

Gaming for Mental Health; It’s not quite what you think
Cyber Synapse

Gaming for Good: Distraction from distress
Cyber Synapse

Guest Appearances

Shrink Rap Radio Video Interview with Catherine Knibbs on Cybertrauma
Shrink Rap Radio

How do I talk with my child about pornography?

Cyber Trauma: Past, Present or Future?

CyberTrauma Does Not Have An Expiry Date!

Cybertrauma – Protecting the Therapist
Bob Cooke

Intro: #Trauma: SPAR Model of Trauma Therapy

Psychotherapy Conference 2017
Bob Cooke

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