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“Cybertrauma: The Darker side of the internet for Children and Young People”

Who is the book suitable for?

Parents, Practitioners and Professionals

This is an easy to read guide with simple explanations of what Cybertrauma is and why it is of concern to all adults who have or work with children.

An Easy to Read Quick Reference and Introduction

A basic review of the book reveals an easy to read quick reference and introduction to varying types of cybertrauma with explanations from Neuroscience, Psychology and Psychotherapy, to provide readers with a guide on what can happen in cyberspace. The book then discusses how children encounter these issues.

The guide is a must for any adult who wishes to understand the perils and pitfalls of the internet for children, young people and adults too.

The book is broken into two parts for parents and professionals with the second half looking at trauma, attachment and cyber-related​ trauma.

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